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Tara Garnett

Tara Garnett

Dr. Tara Garnett is based at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, is a fellow of the Oxford Martin School and runs the Food Climate Research Network. She has worked on food issues for over 20 years first in the NGO community and, since 2005 within the academic sector. As such she is concerned not only with the production of knowledge but with how it is communicated to and interpreted by policy makers, civil society organisations and industry.

Her work centres on the food system's contribution to climate changing emissions and on the options for reducing them. A particular focus is the relationship between emissions reduction objectives and other social and ethical concerns, notably human health, food security and nutrition, livelihoods, and animal welfare.

Tara set up the Food Climate Research Network in 2005. Now employing three people, its membership has increased to over 2600 individuals who share a common interest in food system sustainability, spanning diverse disciplines and sectors and drawn from over 70 countries worldwide. The FCRN provides accessible, policy relevant and integrative knowledge on food systems, and a safe neutral space for diverse stakeholders to engage in the contested food arena – through its membership, its very well used website, and via the workshops it runs.

Tara sits on numerous advisory and working groups, and has published extensively both in academic journals and for non specialist policy, NGO and business audiences.
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