Soluzioni concrete per i paradossi del cibo.

Protocollo di Milano

Steven Satterfield

Steven Satterfield

The goals and themes upon which the Milan Protocol are based relate directly to Miller Union's mission, and we are happy to align ourselves with their work. We recognize as a business that change needs to happen for our food systems to improve, not only in our region and country, but across the world. I am happy to do and contribute all I can to help facilitate this initiative, and I want to use my position in the public eye to positively influence our communities and make this change happen.

Serving an evolving menu defined by the offerings of local farmers, Miller Union showcases the natural flavors of the season's freshest fare. Established Atlanta chef and co-owner Steven Satterfield leads the kitchen, while experienced general manager and co-owner Neal McCarthy directs the front of the house, creating a seamless dining experience founded on sustainability.

Executive chef and co-owner Steven Satterfield believes in an authentic approach to farmstead-inspired cooking. His trademark style is simple yet refined, and the dishes he creates focus on updated regional classics with fresh produce-driven ideas. Satterfield is actively engaged with the progressive culinary community as an active member of Slow Food Atlanta, Georgia Organics, Community Farmer's Markets, Chefs Collaborative and the Southern Foodways Alliance. He was also nominated for Food & Wine magazine's "People's Best New Chef," following Miller Union's placement on the "Best New Restaurants in America" lists from Bon Appetit and Esquire, as well as Atlanta magazine's "Restaurant of the Year". The James Beard Foundation chose Chef Steven as a top five finalist for Best Chef: Southeast in 2013 and 2014. Miller Union was recognized as a semifinalist for the national award of best new restaurant in 2010.
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