Soluzioni concrete per i paradossi del cibo.

Protocollo di Milano



Over recent years world has Environmental and social impact of the economic activities were considered by enterprises as of secondary importance. Today, facing the detrimental effect of human activity on the environment, we discover that sustainability is not only marketing based and we should rethink a new model of economic development where enterprises start putting environment and social themes at the top of their strategies. In that sense, Milan Protocol is a crucial milestone that will help those agro-industrial companies aiming to reach that target.

AIDEPI, the first cereal and sweets associative benchmark in terms of consistency of associates, represents the national manufacturing industries of Pasta, Breakfast cereal, Chocolate and cocoa-based products, Ice creams, Sugar confectionery Biscuits and other fine bakery products.

The association safeguards its members'interests by talking with institutions and administrations, either about the sector's regulations'development or as a propeller of activities aimed to the protection and promotion of the represented products.
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