A multidisciplinary approach to food and sustainable development.

Research Areas


The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation develops research projects with the mission of creating a world where food is produced and consumed according to sustainable development practices, for the benefit of present and future generations.

The goal of the BCFN Foundation is to contribute to international scientific research through a multidisciplinary approach, tackling various aspects of sustainability in today’s food systems. This includes issues such as sustainable agriculture, nutritional challenges and food waste.


Getting young people involved
The BCFN Foundation is committed to attracting the best talent among young research fellows around the world to give them the opportunity to share their ideas, present their projects and develop new ones. In the process, we offer them sources, materials and a chance to meet and discuss the topics they’re passionate about. In this regard, we’ve presented the BCFN YES! contest every year since 2012.

The importance of further education
Drawing upon the information gleaned from our research activities, the BCFN Foundation creates practical tools which can be used to support educators and decision-makers. By doing so, our goal is to promote large-scale, proper education about food – a fundamental premise for a more sustainable food system.

Encouraging dialogue
The working methodology at the BCFN Foundation becomes a model: discussion and debate between different actors reveals the best route to concrete results. Promoting interaction between scientific research, governmental decision-makers, the private sector and the general public allows all interested parties to get involved and thereby accelerate the transition to sustainable food systems.



The research work carried out by the BCFN Foundation takes shape in publications which grapple with the issue of food sustainability from different points of view and approaches. Food is thus looked at in terms of accessibility and food security, considering all the implications related to social, cultural and production factors. Publications from the BCFN Foundation are an important point of reference for research fellows, students, experts and stakeholders.

Articles attached

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