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Common Agricultural Policy consultation

In line with the mission to promote an open dialogue between different stakeholders of the food system, BCFN has contributed to the debate on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy by providing insights and perspectives from the point of view of youth, represented by the BCFN Alumni. A written contribution and answers to a questionnaire were submitted in May, 2017 through the open consultation website developed by the EU for this scope.

Currently, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has the objective of guaranteeing minimum levels of production to support the basic food needs of European countries at reasonable prices, to ensure a fair living standard for European farmers, and to preserve the rural environment and way of life.

The ongoing Common Agricultural Policy reform represents a unique opportunity to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 as well as the international commitments on climate change set in Paris Agreements (COP 21), with a radical shift towards more sustainable food system policy that includes nutritional and environmental objectives.

BCFN suggests that this could be achieved with the inclusion of three specific modernizations:

  1. Nutrition and sustainable diets should be placed centre-stage: the CAP should be better integrated with other environmental and health EU policies aimed at the promotion of sustainable diets;
  2. Ambitious environmental targets should be set: the CAP strategies and actions to reduce pressure on the environment should be improved, because the evidence for climate change and experienced resource scarcity has reached alarming levels;
  3. Young generations should be supported in taking up a key role: in the new CAP, more resources should be dedicated to involve of young generations in agriculture, in order to invert the rapidly ageing profile of Europe’s farmers.

The work carried out on the CAP issue was further debated in the Millennials Lab focused on Food & Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean organized in Siena on May 19th-21st in Siena. During the event a group of about 25 young people debated the written contribution prepared by the BCFN Alumni. The engagement of youth will continue during the 2nd edition of the Siena Millennials Festival the 5th and 6th of October.

The discussion concerning the CAP reform was also developed in a webinar organized by BCFN on May 23rd, 2017, during which the contribution to the public consultation was presented and commented upon by Professor Riccardo Valentini (Professor of Forest Ecology and Climate Policy, Università della Tuscia – Italy, IPCC Member and Nobel Prize for Peace 2007, BCFN Advisory Board Member) and Nicholas Jacobs (Coordinator of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems).

The full webinar is available here.

The position paper developed by the BCFN will be available soon.

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