Capire il nesso geopolitico nell'area euro-mediterranea.

Food & Migration

"Food & Migration" is an Observatory created to study the connection between food and the migratory flows of populations, a crucial but delicate subject, especially in the Euro-African area. The project has also served as a springboard for a number of more detailed activities, such as analyses, studies, interviews and articles.
One of these documents, the report "Food & Migration. Understanding the Geopolitical Nexus in the Euro-Mediterranean" was developed in collaboration with MacroGeo and the CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) and is a research tool that can be used to analyse the flows and trends of the existing and future links between food and migrations in specific areas from a geopolitical perspective, in particular the countries of the Mediterranean area.

The study aims at emphasizing the key role agriculture, nutrition and food plays now and in the future, as an opportunity to frame the global phenomenon of migration, and specifically in the Mediterranean region, in order to develop sustainable food systems. How food insecurity affects migration and vice versa? how food cycles and socio-cultural structure of origin and destination countries will change due to migration?

The report arose from multi-stakeholders’ approach, analyzes the interaction between migration, climate change and the geopolitics of resources, water and energy, agriculture, research and technology.

It will provide recommendations and solutions for decision-makers and civil society aiming at stimulating a wide public discussion.

Food and migrations

Articles attached

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