At the first workshop, BCFN consulted experts from a range of disciplines in order to identify which actions are necessary to ensure the development of a sustainable agricultural sector in spite of the problems related to the threat of climate change. Through small working groups and large collective sessions, the various stakeholder came up with scenarios, and suggested solutions and guidelines for new systems, which have been brought together in this shared document.

stakeholder workshops of BCFN Foundation

Civil society plays a key role in this process: BCFN has launched a public consultation on the results which emerged from the first workshop. The final document has now been published and is available so that everybody can contribute ideas, comments, research and examples of good practices which could help to ensure the production of sufficient food in more sustainable ways for future generations.

download the material


The BCFN Foundation has launched an open consultation on its Call to Action on "Climate @ risk and food @ risk". This document highlights ten critical issues for the agro-food system and proposes a new shift the paradigm to enable communities at the global as well as at the local level to develop solutions (best practices and tools) and to actively promote change.

Interested parties are invited to participate in the Public Consultation by providing feedbacks, comments, scientific opinions, or examples of best practice related to the topic of interest. References to studies and reports will also be considered.

The public consultation ended August 26, 2016.

BCFN Critical issues vs paradigm shift
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