The excellence of the Mediterranean Way - “Eating” involves a strong cultural element.

“Eating” involves a strong cultural element, beyond conceptual thought and original aesthetics. The culture of Mediterranean populations, for whom food is one the most original unifying aspects uniting them in diversity, represents with its Mediterranean lifestyle a unique system of values and traditions of what and how to eat.

The value of the Mediterranean lifestyle brings into focus the issue of reassessing the cultural value of the man/food relationship by interpreting, on the one hand, its socio-anthropological origin and, on the other, its exceptional current relevance in terms of the social trends, lifestyles and foods of our era.

At a time when food seems to have become a rational problem requiring considered and concerned choices, the cultural, emotional and sensory consequences of the Mediterranean tradition can readdress and simplify the future vision of food with its own in-depth account of an experience rich in individual and communal significance.

In this context, the key focus of this paper is to debate, define and re-evaluate the Mediterranean lifestyle in a way that is comprehensible, accessible and easily integrated into the practices of people’s daily lives.

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