Food and health - The effect of food styles on people’s health

Prevention is always a priority: with longer average life spans and the development of so called “diseases of affluence,” health costs affect communities more and more.
Healthy lifestyles and behaviors contribute to prevent chronic disease and to ensure widespread wellbeing to all populations.

The knowledge of the effect of food styles on people’s health has grown equally with the knowledge of how difficult it is to implement adequate policies of prevention and best practices in this area.

During the second half of the 20th Century four fundamental phenomena occurred: the medical-scientific progress; increased average life expectancy; gradual changes in diseases; and a significant change in diet and lifestyle with   decreased physical activity and an increase in the average caloric intake.

In this context, the role of diet is more important in preventing chronic diseases, which have significantly increased within the global population. BCFN’s investigation concentrated on the area of prevention specifically within the area of diet to be able to establish concrete recommendations for the future.