Nutrition and Well - being for healthy living

Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and overweight are increasing, even among children and adolescents: this is the reason why the younger generations may have a reduced lifespan compared to their parents.

Healthy dietary habits are a good starting point to prevent disease; in particular, scientists and nutritionists have proven that the Mediterranean diet is one of the most appropriate ways to prevent diet-related diseases.

Prevention significantly reduces countries’ and individual citizen’s health costs, keeping in mind that an increase in longevity is another aggravating factor.

Dietary habits and lifestyles can significantly influence people’s health and their quality of life. This has been the starting point and – at the same time – the finish line for the work that BCFN has undertaken since it was founded in 2009 to the present.

A significant change in lifestyle, especially in industrialized nations, has taken place, bringing with it a different way of eating in terms of quantity and quality and a reduction in the practice of physical activity.

This combination has involved a series of consequences for people’s health: the extensive, rapid and constant spread of overweight and obesity, even in younger generations, and is also associated in part with the increase in some chronic diseases – including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer.

Within this scenario, it has become very clear that the dietary instructions contained in the Mediterranean Diet – now amply supported by innumerable scientific studies –can help prevent the onset of these diseases and maintains people’s state of well-being, starting with younger generations.

A correct lifestyle based on a balanced diet and constant physical activity are the key to guarantee well-being and longevity.
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