Measuring people's well-being - The BCFN Index

For some time there has been ongoing debate on the absolute validity of the GDP as an indicator of wellbeing. Creating a multidimensional index that is not exclusively based on economic aspects may contribute to the measurement of the level of wellbeing including diet and lifestyle.

The debate on the need to widen the horizon of control indicators for the company and the economy, in particular, measuring of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), has been in place for a long time and recently led to a broad series of reflections. In fact, it has now been proven how economic analyses based exclusively on the GDP may often be misleading. In this context, more and more, the knowledge that the overall wellbeing of people depends on multiple variables, among which some aspects tied to lifestyle, to food choices, and to protecting health and the environment, is becoming more widely accepted.

The objective of the work performed by the BCFN on this subject therefore, was to add and evaluate, within a multidimensional index to measure and compare the level of wellbeing in persons within a selected group of developed countries, the component tied to diet and lifestyles.

Therefore, this document highlights the start by the BCFN of a path characterized by the will to contribute to the reaching of this ambitious objective, involving during the journey, professionalism, expertise, intelligence, by anyone who may make a contribution to the development of the focus area.
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