Longevity and wellbeing - The role of diet

There is a strong relationship between correct diet, lifestyle, and longevity. In light of the aging of the world population, we assess the role of a healthier lifestyle and correct dietary habits to ensure a long healthy life.

Within the span of a century, the lifespan in Western countries has practically doubled due to  medical progress, pharmacology, the improvement of hygiene conditions and, lastly, a general improvement in individual diet. Even the percentage of elderly people (older than 65) has increased significantly: it is estimated that in 2050, the population over-65, at a global level, will reach 1.9 billion people.

However, approximately 80% of people over-65 today are afflicted by at least one chronic disease, while approximately 50% are afflicted by two or more chronic diseases. Often senile diseases are associated with bad dietary habits and lifestyle already existing at a younger age (particularly cardiovascular disease, tumors, diabetes mellitus or arterial hypertension), with its clearest effect being growing juvenile obesity.

In light of this current scenario, it is fundamental to study and implement interventions designed to reduce the “gap” between lifespan and health span. If this is not implemented, it would result, on average, on a longer old age characterized by a greatly decreased quality of life.
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