Is GMO agriculture sustainable? - Food security, environmental and health implications of transgenic crops

GMOs are one of the most debated subjects in recent years. This paper contains a broad analysis of the current debate of their role in food production, as well as their impact on public health and the environment.

It is still unclear how the extraordinary advancements in knowledge, which in the last decades have allowed us to manipulate the genetic heritage of plants, may provide sustainable and long lasting answers) to meet the challenges of the future.

This strongly multidisciplinary document, is particularly focused on GMOs and tries to find an answer to fundamental questions relative one of the most debated arguments in the agri-food sector:

- Can GMOs contribute to an effective and long lasting solution to hunger in the world? Or vice versa, is there a risk of inequalities increasing?
- Can GMOs address and resolve environmental sustainability problems and scarcity of natural resources? Or are they a threat to biodiversity?
- Are there risks tied to eating genetically modified food? 
- How are agri-food biotechnologies and GMOs perceived by the public at large? And how is the subject addressed by the media?
The various perspectives were integrated into the analysis, to arrive at a summarized but articulated opinion, based on the representation of various positions comparing the facts substantiating them.
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