Double Pyramid 2011 - Healthy food for people, sustainable for the planet

The double pyramid food and environmental model show the relationship between dietary choices, people’s health, and protection of the environment. The data contained in this paper contributes to the development and evolution of the double pyramid model proposed in 2010 and particularly focused on children and adolescents.

The connection between health and diet is a universally accepted fact; the same nutritional and functional value of food and the ability of some foods to help prevent disease has been confirmed by numerous studies and research. It is for this reason that the food pyramid has been proven, year after year, to be founded in and have scientific validity.

In this paper, the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition proposes an updated food pyramid based on the most recent scientific research results. Although, in the BCFN model, the double pyramid is not only for food but also highlights environmental impacts. As a result of the BCFN experts’ work and the contribution of the Advisory Board, the double pyramid shows the connection between proper diet behaviors and environmental sustainability.

The unusual comparison between the classic food pyramid relative to nutritional properties of food and the new environmental pyramid, in which each food is placed based on the amount of impact on our planet, has made clear how foods which nutritionists advise to eat more frequently also have a lesser impact on the environment.

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