Combating Waste - Defeating the paradox of food waste

In this second issue of its magazine, the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition addresses the global problem of food waste.

This is a paradox in which food is allowed to be wasted along the path from production to consumption, often in the same countries where many people suffer from hunger. And it is a real social pathology that is harmful to people and the environment, and negates the value of food.

Institutions and associations have been at work for years to counter it, as told by Barbara Buchner and Danielle Nierenberg (BCFN), Ren Wang (FAO), Soledad Blanco (EU), Andrea Segrè (Last Minute Market). In addition to the BCFN’s research, Tristram Stuart (Freegans), Jonathan Bloom and Federica Marra instead describe wastage in different parts of the world.

This issue of the magazine also devotes ample space to the everyday life of reusing and saving food, with the work of Roberto Cavallo, the actions of the individual consumer through new initiatives such as food sharing, the collection projects, and the culinary philosophy of Moreno Cedroni.

And there is more: leftovers as a theme that links the past and the present, from historical books that explain how to cook leftovers to the app that teaches us not to ignore them.
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