Food Security - Challenges and outlook

To address the food access crisis, ways to improve productivity of the agricultural system, improve the development of agricultural communities, and increase knowledge of the impact of diet on sustainability of the food chain were analyzed.

Hunger is a daily problem for millions of human beings: more than 925 million are hungry, according to the FAO, practically a seventh of the world’s population. This unsettling scenario remains, in spite, of advancements in science and technology, ambitious international aid programs, and renewed commitments by rich countries to alleviate hunger in  poor countries.

A more favorable global economic situation and a decrease in price spikes for food seems to have changed the direction of this trend, which in 2010 allowed 98 million people to escape the grip of hunger. But the actual economic crisis is placing international aid systems under stress. In addition, by analyzing a broader time span, the total data for the last 15 years appears to be negative and points to a sharp deterioration.

The populations most greatly affected by this phenomenon, 98% of the total, are concentrated in developing countries and the future projections for access to food are not at all reassuring: in 2050 there will be 2.2. billion people more people to feed, the current situation requires quick intervention.