27 Apr 2015


Invites the 100 organizations that signed the Milan Protocol, as well as its 15,000 online supporters, to be part of the right-to-food project.

April 28 marks the presentation day for the Milan Charter, the document commissioned by the Italian government as the legacy of Milan Expo 2015. The government took its inspiration from the Milan Protocol of the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation (BCFN), which brought the topic of food sustainability to the public’s attention and created – through its network of global experts – a proposal for immediate action that gained the endorsement of the nations that participated in EXPO 2015.
Today, BCFN is urging the more than 100 organizations and 15,000 citizens who signed the Milan Protocol online to give their full support to the Milan Charter, Expo 2015’s most important legacy to the global community.

On the occasion of Milan Expo 2015, the Milan Charter will allow citizens to set out and meet the challenge of making healthy, safe, and nutritious food for all a fundamental human right. This makes it a collective manifesto, a political document for worldwide sensitization to the role of food and nutrition in achieving a better quality of life. Everyone will be able to sign the Charter, which will be delivered to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in October.

“April 28 is an important day, when we conclude the work that produced the Milan Charter through confrontation and debate among institutions, companies, and civil society,” says Guido Barilla, President of the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation (BCFN), “It is the spirit in which we launched our Milan Protocol on the paradoxes of food: supporting an opinion movement that gets everyone involved in proposing solid initiatives in support of a sustainable food system. The Milan Charter is the new ‘common cause’ that we are proud to be a part of, and we want to continue contributing to it by inviting all supporters of our Protocol to sign on. Our Protocol has had the incredible support of over 100 internationally significant organizations such as WWF, Slow Food, Save the Children, and the Jamie Oliver Foundation. We ask everyone to sign the Milan Charter with the same conviction.”

And as a further commitment to sustainable agriculture, BCFN has promoted the petition launched by internationally-known English chef Jamie Oliver, asking leaders of the G20 to make food education mandatory for schools in their countries, as a foundation for creating healthy lifestyles. This is a meaningful initiative that is perfectly consistent with the objectives of the Milan Protocol, which is endorsed by the Jamie Oliver Foundation. The initiative concludes with Food Revolution Day, scheduled for May 15. (https://www.change.org/p/jamie-oliver-needs-your-help-fighting-for-food-education-foodrevolutionday)
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