24 Nov 2015


In the year of Expo 2105, 55 journalists from 27 countries present the “Gusto italiano per nutrire il mondo” book.
The Milan Charter, inspired by Barilla (BCFN) Foundation’s Milan Protocol, attracts high interest among the correspondents.

“Gusto italiano per nutrire il mondo”, a book with a collection of articles, reports and photographs by 55 journalists from 27 countries in Italy to talk about nutrition and Italy’s role in the food sector during EXPO 2015, is to be presented in Italy today.

With the critical eye of those who see things from a different perspective, the correspondents focused major attention on the Milan Charter, a document promoted by the Italian government to step up the fight against food waste and malnutrition, and that originated from the proposals in the Milan Protocol made by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation (BCFN).

The preface to the book is by Guido Barilla , president of the Barilla Foundation, who underlined the importance of the themes: “The forecasts for the future – highlighted by the UN sustainable development goals – are very challenging. The speed at which the external scenarios are changing, makes it necessary to better understand global phenomena such as climate change, migration, changes in present-day eating habits and agricultural sustainability. I hope that after Expo Milano 2015, which helped to strengthen Italy’s leading role in the food sector, we will be able to work together to make the agri-food system more sustainable”.

The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation continues to work in this direction, in search of concrete solutions to the paradoxes of the food system, with its network of more than 500 international experts. It created with them the Milan Protocol in 2014, the document that inspired the Milan Charter, which the Italian government proposed as the legacy of Expo Milano 2015. And with 80 young researchers from across the world, it created the Youth Manifesto, a document with seven proposals for the seven key roles in the food system: policymakers, farmers, activists, educators, the food industry, journalists and researchers.

About 800 million people suffer from hunger in the world each day, while 2.1 billion are obese or overweight. One third of crops is used to produce feed and biofuels, despite the spread of hunger and malnutrition. 1.3 billion tons of edible food go wasted each year, 4 times the amount that would suffice to feed people who have nothing to eat.
Paradoxes that remain unresolved. Contradictions that Expo Milano 2015 helped to bring to light and that cannot be forgotten with the end of the Universal Exposition.
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