Where should I throw it?

Where should I throw it?

August 01, 2019

Where should I throw it?

Proper recycling is the best way to recycle waste and reduce its environmental impact

This is a question we all ask ourselves, although the answer is not always obvious: where should I throw it? Waste sorting often raises doubts, partly due to the differing recycling strategies, which can even vary from one part of a city to another. What should I do with last night’s pizza box, broken toys unused by adult children or dirty tissues? Where should I throw polystyrene? These are the most common questions, which we try to answer.

Where should I throw Tetra Paks?

If in doubt, throw Tetra Paks into general waste. Confusion about where to throw Tetra Paks (plastic-coated paper cartons) stems from the fact that this material is disposed of differently depending on where you live. It is therefore a good idea to ask if they are recycled in your town/city with paper or with plastics. As is often the case with packaging, we recommend you throw it in general waste. Wherever it goes, the carton must be rinsed and crushed, so that there is no residue left inside.

Where should do I throw pizza boxes? What about broken glasses?

We can be misled by their names into throwing pizza boxes into paper recycling and broken glasses into glass, but this is not right. In fact, for the former, the dirt and grease from the food would compromise the quality of the recycling, so pizza boxes should be thrown into general waste. For glasses, remember that glass recycling is for packaging only: yes to bottles and jars, while everything else goes into general waste.

How to dispose of pens, markers and plastic toys

Another false friend is the world of plastic objects such as pens, markers and other stationery or small toys. The point is the same: they are not packaging, so they must be thrown into general waste. Beware though: it is best to take small household appliances to your local amenity tip.

Receipts and dirty napkins should not be thrown into paper recycling.

Another very common mistake is to throw receipts into paper recycling: they are written on a special thermal paper and must therefore be thrown into general waste. The components react to heat and compromise the recycling of the rest of the waste. On the other hand, dirty paper napkins should be thrown into wet items, along with food waste.

Where should I throw used oil and light bulbs?

Once used, oil becomes a highly polluting waste product if dispersed into the environment: it should therefore not be thrown into wet items, nor into the sink, but should instead be collected and sent to special collection and recycling centers. The same goes for light bulbs, which should not be thrown into glass recycling.

Can tin foil be recycled?

Yes, aluminum foil is recyclable, but you have to be careful because it varies according to area (in some Italian municipalities, it is thrown into plastics, in others into glass and sometimes in special bags for aluminum). The key point, like for Tetra Paks, is to carefully remove any food residue before recycling it.

Where should I throw polystyrene?

Polystyrene should be thrown into plastics. Not everyone knows this, because until only a few years ago it was not possible to recycle polystyrene, so many people continue to throw it into general waste.

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