The Barilla Foundation MOOC is now part of Erasmus

The Barilla Foundation MOOC is now part of Erasmus

June 21, 2019

The Barilla Foundation MOOC is now part of Erasmus

The course “Sustainable Food Systems: a Mediterranean Perspective” has recently been included in the Erasmus Plus Virtual Exchange program, meaning that students now have the opportunity to receive a certificate of acquired skills and to create a network of international contacts through a “virtual” journey

The online learning course on food sustainability organized by the Barilla Foundation has officially become part of the European Commission’s Erasmus Plus Virtual Exchange project, which includes best teaching practices to promote intercultural learning among young people.

The course “Sustainable Food Systems: a Mediterranean Perspective” is now part of the educational offer of the project funded by the European Commission, which has acknowledged its multidisciplinary approach and the great value of this partnership involving Search for Common Ground, Anna Lindt Foundation, UNIMED (Union of Mediterranean Universities) and Sharing Perspective Foundation.

Intercultural exchange 

Sharing Perspective Foundation is a partner that uses a technological platform to organize online seminars that actively involve students from European and Mediterranean countries who have had e-learning experiences, under the guidance of facilitators. All students who wish to participate in the Barilla Foundation MOOC and who come from the countries involved in the Erasmus Plus Virtual Exchange project will be required to register in a section of the platform reserved for this course and to take part in intercultural exchange activities. Upon completion of activities, an Open Badge (a virtual and verifiable certificate of competencies) will be issued, certifying what has been learned.

The whole project is explained on the European Commission’s dedicated web page.

Virtual meetings

Moreover, calls for applications will be issued regularly for young people (aged 18 to 30) who have taken part or want to take part in some of the accredited MOOCs. They will have the opportunity to take part in activities involving the exchange of experiences and competencies through web meetings, i.e. virtual meetings on the technological platform.

From June 24, students who have applied to the first call for applications will be invited to take part in a five-week activity program that will require 4-6 hours of weekly commitment (including 2-4 hours of in-depth study of MOOC contents and 2 hours of online group sessions). Once these activities have been completed, students will receive an Open Badge certifying the skills acquired

It is therefore an interesting opportunity to get in touch with a network of young people from Mediterranean countries who share similar interests, especially in the field of agricultural and food sustainability, have developed specific competencies and have had online learning experiences.

In addition, the fact that the skills acquired can now be officially certified (thus making it possible to transfer this training to schools, universities and the job market) will encourage more and more young people to get involved, and they will also be able to acquire intercultural exchange and interaction skills through Virtual Exchange activities.  

You can find the start dates of the calls for applications for the next sessions on: 

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