A large forest in Cameroon is in danger

According to Greenpeace, Camvert, a company in Cameroon is illegally clearing a large area of forest to start a giant oil palm plantation, inside the Congo Basin, the world’s second-largest tropical forest. The company is said to have started developing a 60,000-hectare palm oil plantation in an area previously earmarked for logging in the southern region of the country. 

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Without skilled workers the green recovery will be stuck on red

Governments are proposing green new deals to kick-start the economy and create jobs, while introducing measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.. But without well-organised education and training programs, workers will lack the skills to deliver this change.  Economists Joseph Stiglitz, Nicholas Stern, and Cameron Hepburn recently published a paper in May showing that every $1m in public spending generates 7.5 full-time jobs in renewables infrastructure, 7.7 in energy efficiency, but only 2.7 in fossil fuels. 

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Evening Standard

Boris Johnson pledges to protect 30% of UK land

During a virtual United Nations event, the British prime minister made a pledge to protect 400,000 hectares of land in the UK, equivalent to the size of the Lake District and South Downs national parks combined, in the next decade. Environmental organizations welcomed the commitment but called for the government to invest in existing protected sites, and to put the new pledge into law. 

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All Africa

Tree-planting rush overlooks climate benefits from natural forest recovery

A study conducted by the World Resources Institute (WRI) looked at and mapped the potential carbon-storing benefits of letting degraded forests recover on their own. Some deforested areas in the tropics may benefit more from allowing them to regrow naturally. A system which is often cheaper and more likely to benefit native wildlife. 

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All Africa

Greta Thunberg to donate thousands of euros to NGOs working in Africa

The Greta Thunberg Foundation has announced it will donate 150,000 euros to three charities working in Africa to support people on the front line of the climate crisis. The recipients are the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the solar power-focused NGO Solar Sister, and advocacy group Oil Change International. 

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The United Nations Summit on Biodiversity is streaming

The United Nations Summit on Biodiversity is unscrambled and viewable by anyone who is interested. Among the topics discussed, the crisis that humanity is facing from biodiversity degradation and the need to speed up measures to support sustainable development. 

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