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Kenya, trade in counterfeit seeds decreases

A report from the African Seed Access Index indicates that cases of counterfeit seeds in the country decreased from 36 in 2013 to 12 in 2019. The research focused on four grain and pulse crops that are critical to the country's food security needs - maize, beans and sorghum - which cover 84 percent of Kenya's cultivated land. 

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South China Morning Post

Farmers on their knees in the Philippines due to the pandemic

COVID-19 restrictions have cut off the supply of vegetables, bringing Philippine farmers to their knees. Some are migrants who have lost their jobs abroad and returned home to become farmers, others are families who have never left their land. The food security of entire communities is at risk. 

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Straits Times

Food prices set to rise

Around the world, a shortage of workers is putting a strain on food supply chains. In Vietnam, the army is helping with the rice harvest. In the UK, farmers are throwing their milk away because there are no truck drivers to transport it. In Brazil, the coffee harvest has taken 120 days, instead of the usual 90. 

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The Independent

UK faces a shortage of frozen food and meat

The UK faces shortages of frozen food and Christmas turkey due to a sudden shortage of carbon dioxide used by the food and beverage industry. Meat supplies to supermarkets and restaurants will be hit within days by the gas shortage, which is essential for refrigeration and transportation. 

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We Forum

Foods of animal origin are the worst for the planet

The food system produces about 17.3 billion tons of CO2 per year, generating about 35 percent of global man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Of these, 57% comes from the production of food of animal origin, while harvesting food from plants for human consumption contributes 29%. 

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The EU aims to reduce packaging waste with new legislation

Europe is aiming to reduce waste as quickly as possible to stop the excessive consumption that is harming the planet and aggravating climate change. But despite previous attempts, waste packaging is still on the rise in Europe. As part of its circular economy action plan, the European Commission has announced its goal of making all packaging fully recyclable by 2030. 

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