PRESS REVIEW - September 14/20, 2019

The Standard

10,000 plants to be given away in London to make the city greener

The idea was launched by the mayor of London and the NGO Hubbub: more than 10,000 free planting kits are being given away to Londoners to help make the capital a greener place. The campaign, called #GiveItAGrow, aims to green up the city, creating new green spaces to boost the city’s wildlife ecosystem and curb the effects of climate change. 

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Strait Times

Scientists warn: we must transform food production

According to a recent study conducted by the Food and Land Use Coalition, the world will need to diversify food production and consumption in order not to face periods of supply disruption, which could lead to huge price increases and social unrest. The authors urge governments to do more to support sustainable agriculture. 

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Al Jazeera

Companies will also have to adapt to climate change

According to a Global Commission on Adaptation report, companies will need to plan their business more and better as the planet gets warmer. Companies that do not adapt may not survive. The report states that investing $1.8 trillion to climate-proof business could generate $7.1 trillion in net benefits by 2030. 

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Welsh minister rejects call to reduce meat consumption

Wales’ farming minister Lesley Griffiths has rejected calls for people to eat less meat in order to fight climate change. In fact, she said that farmers feel targeted and that Welsh meat production is very sustainable, as it is non-intensive. In 2016, agriculture in Wales accounted for 12% of greenhouse gas emissions. 

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This Day/AllAfrica

Nigeria loses $600 million a year due to illegal fishing

This is happening because of illegal and unreported fishing by foreign vessels and as a result of lack of equipment, such as the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), and of adequate manpower to monitor the country’s vast coastline. Nigeria also spends $800 million a year on fish imports, being the world’s fourth largest importer of fish, after China, Japan and the USA.  

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Sky News

Climate change could lead to food shortages in the UK

The UK’s food supply could be at risk as a result of the impact of climate change on agriculture around the world. In addition to making this claim, MPs urge the government to recognize the risks to national food security. The UK currently imports 40% of food, including a fifth of fruit and vegetables. 

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