The Guardian

Using the soil differently could help us achieve climate goals

The statement is made in a study published in Nature Climate Change, which says that a change of diet in richer countries, reducing food waste by a third and regenerating the soil in developing countries could help us achieve the Paris agreement targets and therefore cut climate-changing emissions to within the levels set to limit the temperature increase to within 2°C in 2050.  

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The Conversation /AllAfrica

In South Africa young people can’t get to school because of hunger

Student vulnerability to hunger is emerging as an alarming problem in South African secondary schools. The national student financial aid scheme covers school fees, accommodation and a stipend, but does not cover food. A recent survey among university students shows that over half of young people are suffering hunger. 

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Science Times

A new method allows 100% of plastic to be recycled

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden may have found a way to recover the whole polymer chain of plastic materials. According to a study published in the journal Sustainable Materials and Technologies, the research group was able to recover 100% of the carbon from plastic waste and turn it into virgin components.  

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New investments for Chad to adapt to climate change

A new € 81.9 million project will help more than 1 million small-scale farmers in Chad improve their incomes and their food security and boost a low-performance agricultural sector hampered by recurring droughts and rain-fed farming practices. The investments are provided by IFAD, the Green Climate Fund and government of Chad. 

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Straits Times

Malaysia criticizes new European measures on palm oil

The European Union is considering new limits on food contaminants in refined fats and oils, including palm oil, particularly as regards 3-MCPD esters in food ingredients. This could further undermine exports from Malaysia, the world’s second biggest producer of palm oil. 

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European farmers protest in Strasbourg

Hundreds of farmers have been demonstrating in front of the European Parliament, demanding for fewer direct payments to large farms, a measure contained in the proposed review of the common agricultural policy (CAP). Hundreds of German and French farmers and activists parked their tractors in front of the Parliament building in Strasbourg and delivered their demands in person. 

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