PRESS REVIEW - MAY 15/21, 2021

This is Money

Organic cocoa boom in Ivory Coast

Despite falling raw material prices, the price of cocoa produced by the local farmers’ collective, the Fair Cooperative Society of Bandama, continue to rise. Cocoa here is sold at twice the market rate for non-organic cocoa. Ivory Coast currently produces two million tonnes of cocoa per year, equivalent to over 40 percent of the world market. 

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The Guardian

One third of global food production is at risk from the climate crisis

A paper published in One Earth explains that if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase at the current rate the area considered safe for agricultural production will shrink drastically, mostly affecting south and south-eastern Asia and the Sudano-Sahelian zone of Africa. 

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The Independent

The United Kingdom plans to triple the number of new trees planted

The initiative is part of the British government’s commitment to restoring the national territory ahead of the United Nations COP26 conference being hosted by the UK in Glasgow in November. The aim is to plant 30,000 hectares by the end of the government’s term. Around 7,000 hectares year will be planted by May 2024 and new initiatives will be taken to create more urban woods and create thousands of green jobs. 

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Meat like coal under pressure due to climate impact

70 percent of Americans say they agree to cutting back on meat consumption, while 58 percent would like to eat more fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, according to a 2020 survey by the food market research firm Datassential. If this trend continues, beef may be viewed like coal: a commodity to be used less and less to avoid the climate impact. 

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Food Navigator

Regenerative agriculture key to the food sector

EIT Food of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology says that regenerative agriculture is vital to help the big brands satisfy the demand for sustainable food products while at the same time reducing emissions. This kind of agriculture aims to reduce the use of pesticides, diversify crops, and improve soil health through agroecology. 

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Europe provides €8 million of funding to fight locusts in Africa

FAO has welcomed an €8 million contribution from the European Union to allow countries in the Horn of Africa to maintain a state of readiness in the event of a resurgence of desert locusts. 

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