PRESS REVIEW - MAY 11/17, 2019

The Guardian

Octopus farming is a threat to the food chain

A team of researchers led by Jennifer Jacquet of New York University has denounced plans to open octopus farms to provide mass-produced food. According to the researchers, this would be neither ethical nor environmentally sustainable as it would undermine the balance of the marine ecosystem. Intensive octopus farming would require catching vast amounts of fish and shellfish in order to feed the animals. Farmed octopuses also easily die from stress. 

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The Independent

Ireland has declared a climate emergency

Ireland is the second country to declare a climate emergency after the United Kingdom. The Irish climate action minister Richard Bruton warned that climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity and that this level of urgency is therefore justified. The motion followed 11 days of protests in London by the Extinction Rebellion environmentalist group and student movements. 

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Sky News

The leading food retailers want to reduce food waste

Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Nestle will halve food waste by 2030. During a recent meeting, the world's major food retailers pledged to adopt a package of actions to reduce food waste. The initiative will involve over 300 stores and businesses in the United Kingdom. 

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Straits Times

High-tech farms in Singapore

Over the years, the island of Singapore has transformed from an agrarian society into a high-tech nation. Singapore is now exploring new techniques to grow its food efficiently, using vertical farms and indoor agriculture to reduce land use and protect crops from climate change. 

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A global symposium on soil erosion

The global symposium “Stop soil erosion, save our future” will be held on 15-17 May. The meeting, focusing on soil erosion and possible actions to tackle it, is co-organized with the Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils (ITPS) and the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). The aim is to translate scientific knowledge into policy documents.

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The Diplomat

The Hindu Kush and Himalayan glaciers in crisis

A recent report assessing the health of the Hindu Kush and Himalayan glaciers draws a connection between the loss of freshwater due to rising temperatures and a possible increase in regional conflicts and disputes, with the prospect of South Asian countries having to deal with millions of climate refugees as a result. 

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