PRESS REVIEW - MARCH 23/29, 2019

The Local

What can Italy teach the rest of the world about health?

Italian people are among the healthiest in the world. This is thanks to the Mediterranean diet and (especially) access to health care. Despite the bad conditions of some of its hospitals and red tape delays, Italy’s health system, which gives everyone access to medical care, is still one of the best in the world. Especially when compared to countries with a higher GDP, such as the United States. 

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The Street

Food banks are a sustainable solution to achieve SDGs

A recent report, published by the Global Foodbanking Network (GFN), shows that food banks that operate in 57 countries around the world are able to mitigate an estimated 10.54 billion kg of CO2-eq annually. The food bank networks of GFN, the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) and Feeding America serve 62.5 million people and prevent approximately 2.68 million metric tons of edible surplus food from being wasted. 

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Delsan Radio – All Africa

Somalia still at risk of droughts

According to the latest reports, in Somalia approximately 4.2 million people, of which 2.5 million children, are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance and protection. This is due to the particularly severe droughts affecting the country’s northern and central regions, with the overall humanitarian situation expected to worsen until the next rainy season, which should be at the end of April. 

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The Telegraph

Too many children still without access to clean water

Dirty water continues to kill thousands more children living in war zones than bombs and bullets. A UNICEF report reveals an alarming situation: more than 80,000 children die due to bad health and hygiene conditions and clean water scarcity. Twenty times more than the deaths from violence.  

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Chefs are essential to the promotion of sustainable food systems

According to FAO and UNESCO, professional chefs drive change in the fight against hunger and malnutrition and play an important role in inspiring people to support sustainable food production, adopting healthy diets and avoiding food waste. In fact, increasing numbers of chefs work constantly to promote healthy food, linked to the territory and to local traditions.  

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New CAP should reward sustainable producers

A new report published by a network of European grassroots civil society organizations calls for a Common Agriculture Policy and wider policy framework that explicitly favors small-scale sustainable producers. Researchers have pointed out that the EU’s small-scale family farms are disappearing at an alarming rate. Between 2005 and 2016, the number of farms under 50 hectares in size fell by 29.4%. 

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World Water Day

In order to achieve sustainable development everyone must have access to safe water. FAO urges innovation in water technologies to increase water-use efficiency. 

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World Economic Forum

Water scarcity is one of the greatest challenges of our time

Our freshwater resources are dwindling at an alarming rate. And FAO data confirm: 70% of water is used in agriculture. 

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Chicago Council

From Scarcity to Security

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs has released a new report that examines how the world can best grow food in the face of increasing water insecurity.  

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