PRESS REVIEW - MARCH 21/26, 2020

The Guardian

Taking care of others is the recipe for happiness

According to the experts who drafted the eighth annual World Happiness Report, the crisis we are experiencing because of the coronavirus is offering the planet opportunities for positive change that we cannot afford to waste. Research has long shown that cooperation and social support are fundamental for happiness. Richard Layard, interviewed by the Guardian, believes that the coronavirus crisis will accelerate the changes that he and others have supported for decades. 

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The shock to supply chains from the coronavirus will be global

So said Ethan Harris, head of global economic research at Bank of America, commenting on the industrial closures that have affected almost every country in the world, from Germany to Peru, sparing neither the richest nor the poorest countries. The expert believes the shock to supply chains will be deeper and more extensive than those experienced in recent years.

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Afrobarometer / AllAfrica

African governments ineffective in providing water and sanitation

According to a recent analysis conducted by Afrobarometer, more than half of Africans say their governments are not doing enough to improve the provision of drinking water and sanitation services. Half of the respondents said they ran out of drinking water for home use in the previous year. On average, more than half of Africans have to leave their neighborhoods to access water and only a quarter have access to sewage infrastructure. 

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This is Money

The closure of borders is curbing food supplies in Europe

Restrictions imposed by some EU countries on the free movement of goods and people are interrupting food supplies according to representatives of the food industry and farmers. Due to these measures, delays and interruptions have been experienced at national borders in the delivery of some agricultural and manufacturing products, as well as packaging materials. 

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United Nations

WHO Director-General announces global cooperation to find a cure for coronavirus

Sixty days after the genetic sequencing of Covid-19 was shared by China, the first vaccine study has begun, as announced by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He also explained that multiple small coronavirus vaccine studies conducted with different methodologies may not provide the necessary evidence and that therefore the WHO is organizing a study to compare treatments tested in different countries. 

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