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Sudan's Youth Step Up to Address Climate Change

Young people in Khartoum, Sudan’s largest city, took part in a hackathon promoted by Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA+) and the EU. Among the winners, two students who proposed a reforestation project to contain desertification and restore the country’s ecosystems, using drones to sow endemic species. 

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The Guardian

Italy risks having to import olives due to extreme weather

During the past year, olive trees across the Mediterranean have been hit by extreme weather that has caused an olive harvest collapse. Experts estimated a 57% plunge in the country’s olive harvest, the worst in 25 years. Italy’s Coldiretti farmers’ union estimates that the cost of the olive oil collapse this year has already reached €1bn.  

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The Straits Time

Singapore, a rooftop farm will provide fresh vegetables to more than 1000 people

The new Citiponics structure installed on the rooftop of the Housing Board car park in Singapore has started producing leafy greens. According to the company, the entire system, which does not make use of pesticides, is capable of producing up to four tons of vegetables per month, enough to provide greens to more than 1,600 people per month.  

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NBC News

Stroke recovery: Obesity may improve odds of survival

A new study by the American Academy of Neurology reveals a counterintuitive result: patients who were severely obese were 62 percent less likely to die in the first three months after a stroke compared to those of normal weight, as fat cells store more energy and may have some anti-inflammatory properties. In any case, the advantages do not make up for the disadvantages, as obesity remains associated with greater risk of heart disease and strokes. 

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1,700 species risk extinction, a new study confirms

If anthropic impact on the climate will continue to sprawl at the same pace for the next 50 years, 1,700 species will be at greater risk of extinction. This is the result of a study conducted by Yale ecologists and published on Nature Climate Change. Researchers estimate that 886 amphibians, 436 birds, and 376 mammals could be at risk due to loss of habitat.  

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The Independent

Microplastics are most common waste found along Mediterranean coast

Plastic shopping bags and cling film forms most of plastic found in coastal waters of the Mediterranean Sea, according to marine scientists from University of Barcelona. The study shows that more than half of the plastic is polyethylene. Polypropylene (16.5 per cent) – used in rigid plastic packaging such as bottles – was the second-most common plastic found, followed by polyester (9.7 per cent), which is used in clothing, furnishings and textiles. 

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Food waste in southeastern Europe

Albania, Armenia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Republic of Moldova are at the center of a project led by FAO to reduce food waste in southeastern Europe. The project is part of SAVE FOOD, a program based on concrete actions to raise awareness on food waste among citizens.

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United Nations

Young people worldwide can determine the future of migration

The key role played by young people in determining the future of migration was at the center of the debate of the UN International Dialogue on Migration, an advisory body summoned by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). 

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