PRESS REVIEW - JUNE 8/14 , 2019


Let’s protect the Mediterranean diet

At the Future of Food conference held at the FAO headquarters in Rome, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva highlighted the importance of protecting sustainable local diets and, especially, the Mediterranean diet. 

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Asia One

The future of “fake meat”

Projections by Wall Street’s leading financial and investment companies suggest a bright future for fake plant-based meat. JPMorgan Chase has estimated that the market for plant-based meat could easily top US$100 billion (S$136.7 billion) in 15 years. According to Barclays, the “fake meat” market could account for around 10 percent of all current global meat sales, or up to US$140 billion in 10 years. 

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The Telegraph

The Caracas Botanical Garden is dying of thirst

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important botanical gardens in South America, the Caracas Botanical Garden is suffering a severe drought due to the current Venezuelan economic crisis. In fact, the reservoir that is supposed to supply the garden is used to supply water to the nearby hospital. In Venezuela, running water is getting scarcer: 73 percent of hospitals nationwide report significant shortages, and even various districts of the capital city may go several days without water.  

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Sky News

Siberia could become habitable by 2080

This is suggested by a recent study published in Environmental Research Letters, which shows that models made by researchers indicate that temperatures could rise by up to 3.4 °C in the winter months, which would result in a five-fold increase in habitable land compared to today. According to scientists, forecasts show that all of Asian Russia will be warmer and milder by 2080. 

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Compostable packaging with food waste

It’s called Scoby and it’s completely made out of agricultural and food waste. According to the company that produces it, this new, completely compostable material can be used to make all sorts of packaging, including wrappers for soap and bags for cereal and rice. It could also be used as a substitute for cling film in food packaging.  

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Too much potassium for people with kidney failure

For those suffering from chronic kidney disease such as kidney failure, a vegetarian or vegan diet may be hazardous to health due to excessive potassium intake. However, animal protein is also not well tolerated by those suffering from these disorders. This is why, in such cases, it is important to seek medical advice before following any specific diet. 

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Medical Daily

Allergies tied to junk food consumption are on the rise

Recent research has shown that there is an increasing number of cases of food allergies caused by junk food consumption. Experts have found that, over the last decade, many patients in Western countries such as the UK have experienced anaphylactic shock caused by food reactions. Data published on NHS Digital showed 1,362 cases of patients with episodes of anaphylactic shock due to food allergies from 2011 to 2012 and an extra 1,922 from 2016 to 2017. Reportedly, these patients had high concentrations of substances used in highly processed foods, which are therefore unhealthy as well as being ecologically unsustainable.  

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