PRESS REVIEW - JUNE 5/11, 2020

The New Times

Solar irrigation system for Rwandan farmers

Hit hard by the drought, farmers living around Lake Cyohoha will now be able to rely on a system of solar powered dams and irrigation. The drought has already caused millions of economic losses across the country. 700,000 farmers will be able to benefit from the Ministry of Agriculture project. 

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Concern grows about chlorinated chicken in Wales

The Welsh Farmers Union said it was concerned that the British government had rejected its promise to protect farmers and consumers. Specifically, this concerns an amendment that would allow animal products to be imported that do not comply with strict British safety standards. This could lead to an increase in the demand for cheap meat. 

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Africa Renewal / AllAfrica

In Nigeria, villages in the north-east are the most exposed to coronavirus

The arrival of Covid-19 in Nigeria triggered a health crisis, but the pandemic poses a more serious threat in the north-east of the country. That is according to a recent UNDP study, which shows how states such as Borno, Adamawa and Yobe could be affected by one of the most complex and profound humanitarian and development crises known to date by the international community. 

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Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera Mexico City’s biggest market has become a Covid-19 hotspot

Central de Abasto, one of the biggest fruit and vegetable markets in the world, has become one of the places most affected by coronavirus in all of Mexico. Thousands of people nonetheless flock to the market every day, exponentially increasing the chances of infection. 

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The Guardian

Americans rediscover home farming

While the pandemic wreaks havoc in the food supply chain, with outbreaks erupting among the workers of major producers in the Midwest, many families are taking refuge in the Hudson Valley and at the foot of the Catskill mountains to farm the land and plant vegetables. 

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