PRESS REVIEW - JUNE 19/25, 2021

Mashable Middle East

Emirates to get water from the air through solar panels

Dubai’s power and water authority and US company Source Global are working on a tech hub to test a technology that converts air into water using solar power. The process depends on panels that run on solar power and contain fans that draw in air and channel it towards a nano-material designed to capture water. Each panel produces two and a half liters of water per day. 

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Straits Times

Ukraine aims to become the world’s biggest wheat producer

The European country may begin to exploit its agricultural potential thanks to a new law that will allow agricultural land to be sold and purchased for the first time in two decades. Ukraine is currently the biggest exporter of sunflower oil and the fourth exporter of corn and wheat to countries such as Morocco, Bangladesh and Indonesia. 

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Science Times

Catastrophic drought could be the next pandemic

According to the latest report published by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), lower rainfall and drought could seriously harm the world’s water reserves. The reports authors say that, because of climate change, some regions in several countries are already suffering from water scarcity. 

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South China Morning Post

Red meat consumption linked to colorectal cancer

Scientists have confirmed the link between the consumption of red meat and colorectal cancer, clearly identifying the biological damage. The discovery, published in Cancer Discovery, has identified specific patterns of DNA damage triggered by a diet rich in red meat and could be used to help patients in the future. 

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World Food Program

Food insecurity increasing among refugees

Millions of refugees risk hunger due to international aid cuts according to a report by the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP). n East Africa alone, almost three-quarters of refugees have had their rations cut by up to 50 percent, while 242,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan may be cut off from assistance at the end of August unless more funding is received. 

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The private sector has a crucial role in guaranteeing healthy diets

According to FAO, the private sector can be a crucial ally in global efforts to make agri-food systems more resilient, sustainable, efficient and inclusive to ensure healthy diets for all. As examples of healthy, traditional diets, the organization cites the Mediterranean diet, which implies high intakes of diverse vegetables, fruits, legumes, herbs and olive oil, as well as Roman, Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and Indian food culture with more than 3000 years of history. 

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