PRESS REVIEW - JUNE 12/18, 2021


An army of drones against ocean plastic

Solutions for removing waste from the sea have increased dramatically in recent years. According to research published in Nature Sustainability, the number of tools to monitor, prevent and clean up ocean pollution has grown almost exponentially over the past four years. Solutions invented in recent years include marine trash cans, giant plastic collection barriers and a marine drone that collects floating waste through a wide opening that mimics the mouths of whale sharks.

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The Times

The new Glasgow plan for a better diet

For COP26, due to be hosted by the British city in November, the local authority has launched a City Food Plan intended to combat obesity and food poverty, including the lack of fruit and vegetables in people’s diets. Over 60% of adults in Glasgow and 20% of children are in fact overweight or obese. The city has also set itself the goal of increasing food production by creating more vegetable gardens and urban farms.

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The Guardian

Scientists convert used plastic bottles into vanilla flavoring

Plastic bottles converted into vanilla flavoring using genetically modified bacteria. For the first time, researchers have succeeded in producing a chemical substance from plastic waste. The substance is terephthalic acid (At), the basis for polyethylene terephthalate (Pet), which was used by scientists to convert it into vanillin. This discovery could open up new opportunities for using recycled plastic.

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Bristol named sustainable food city

Bristol is the second city in the UK to win this award after Brighton & Hove in 2020. The Sustainable Food Places Award scheme recognizes work across the city to address social, environmental and economic issues, such as reducing food waste and the opportunity to provide low cost nutritious food for families.

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Children eat a very large number of ultra-processed food

According to new research, British children eat exceptionally high proportions of ultra-processed foods, increasing their risk of obesity. The study looked at the health impact of consuming ultra-processed foods and beverages such as frozen pizzas, fizzy drinks, packaged bread and some ready meals.

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Bill Gates stresses the role of data and technology in ending hunger

During an FAO-organized conference on hunger, Gates pointed out the role of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in supporting FAO's statistical work to fill data gaps. Including the "50 by 2030" initiative, which aims to help 50 low- and middle-income countries collect, analyze and use data to monitor progress and improve policy. Or the Ceres2030 project for using machine learning to build a knowledge database on effective interventions for small farmers in the African Union.

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