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In Nigeria 8.5 million children are given a meal at school

The Government initiative aims to improve schoolchildren's health and learning by guaranteeing them one square meal a day. About 8.5 million pupils have benefited from the program so far, enabling the children of even the poorest families to attend school regularly and have access to education.

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The hot sauce helping young farmers to fight poverty

At Camden, New Jersey, a group of teenagers is selling a hot sauce, Kapow!, made from chili peppers they grow themselves. This local project is intended to support young people in education in the town's poorest areas, where more than 17 thousand households are below the poverty line. Participants have learned to make the sauce and start a small business, which is growing year-on-year.

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Premium Times – All Africa

24 thousand new trees planted in Zamfara, Nigeria

This was announced by the special adviser to the State Governor, Mansur Khalifa-Kaura, who stated through a local news agency that 24,000 new trees have been planted to combat desertification of the land. The project involved several stages and the trees were planted about a kilometer apart in 14 local regions of the northern Nigerian State. 

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Drought emergency in Sweden

The Swedish Government has allocated more than 115 million Euro to tackle the drought emergency affecting the whole country, especially farm output. The funds will be used to support farmers, who have had to deal with a period of exceptionally hot weather for Sweden, forcing them to spend large amounts on imports. The program will last at least until next year, with support from the European Union. 

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World Economic Forum

Climate change increases gender inequality

Women are hardest hit by the effects of climate change. This trend was pointed out during a discussion held by the Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters program, funded by the United Kingdom. The climate crisis and weather events are said to be most severe for women, partly due to the rise in domestic violence, which prevents them from enjoying security and full human rights.

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Obesity in youth can damage the heart

A recent British study reveals that overweight even before adulthood can increase the risk of hypertension and cardiac muscle damage, while these risks will increase with age. Young teens are therefore advised to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, not to smoke and to reduce their salt and sugar intake. 

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Morning Star

Minke whale hunting ends in Iceland

The returns on Minke whale hunting mean it is no longer economically viable, thanks in part to the expansion of the whale sanctuary around the capital Reykjavik.

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Food Manufacture

The UK government tackles the food safety fears linked to Brexit

Worries about the United Kingdom's ability to manage food safety risks once it has left the EU were raised by an influential House of Lords commission.

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