PRESS REVIEW - JULY 10/16, 2021


A new strategy for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in the Mediterranean

From FAO comes an ambitious new commitment by 22 countries plus the European Union aims to secure a sustainable future for fisheries and aquaculture in the Mediterranean, sectors which are facing growing challenges due to climate change and over-exploitation. The new strategy aims to preserve fish stocks and other marine resources on which millions of people across the basin depend. 

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Straits Time

A handful of cities produce most of the emissions

25 large cities, almost all in China, have produced more than half of greenhouse gas emissions. Research published in Frontiers, which compared the greenhouse gas emissions reported by 167 cities in 53 countries, found that 23 Chinese cities - including Shanghai, Beijing and Handan - together with Moscow and Tokyo account for 52 percent of the total. 

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The Guardian

The UK food system is vulnerable to cyber attacks

A recent report drawn up by government consultants warns that the British procurement system depends entirely on computerized logistics. Currently around a third of food bought in the UK comes from the European Union and the exodus of European workers from Great Britain over the past 18 months has already had a significant impact on food production and distribution. 

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Food Navigator

Short food supply chains offer benefits for consumers

According to EU-funded research conducted as part of the Smartchain program, short, collaborative agri-food chains are food systems that have the potential to change the way we produce and consume our food. Shorter chains not only benefit consumers, but help local farmers position and sell their products at competitive prices 

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Al Jazeera

11 people die of hunger every minute

11 deaths from starvation per minute, says a new report by Oxfam, which also warns that the number of those facing famine-like conditions globally has increased sixfold in the past year. The “The Hunger Virus Multiplies” report states that the death toll of the famine exceeds that of COVID-19. 

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All Africa

Kenya, coffee growers choose organic farming

With increasing coffee prices, some farmers in the Mathira district of Kenya have embraced organic farming as a way to improve the production and quality of their products. Farmers say they no longer use conventional fertilizers, but organic fertilizers and manure instead, to ensure their crop complies with European market standards. 

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