Sky News

In Australia an area as big as South Korea is burnt

More than 10.3 million hectares have gone up in smoke since the beginning of summer in Australia, coloring the skies orange and producing dense black smoke that has traveled as far as New Zealand and South America. The forest fires have been most intense in New South Wales, the country's most populous state, where around 130 fires are still active. 

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USA Today

Impossible Food launches plant-based bacon and sausage

Following the launch of the Impossible burger, the American company will be offering the audience at CES 2020 (the meeting of the Consumer Technology Association currently taking place in Las Vegas) new plant-based products, including sausage and bacon, which is the most popular type of meat globally. According to the producers, this innovative food has 40 percent less calories, 60 percent less total fat, 40 percent less saturated fat, zero cholesterol and more iron than pork. 

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Bangladesh bans disposable plastic

Bangladesh's High Court will force the government to ban disposable plastic in coastal areas, hotels and restaurants to reduce pollution. In 2002, the Asian country was among the first to ban the use of plastic and polyethylene bags in an attempt to prevent their dispersal in waterways. Despite this, the ban appears to have had little success. 

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Namibian - AllAfrica

Hundreds of thousands of people affected by food shortages in Namibia

More than 280 thousand people in rural areas of Namibia are facing a reduction in food security. Many families have no food reserves due to a severe drought that has hit the country. The data was released last December by the Ministry of Agriculture. Around 290,000 people are in need of immediate food aid. 

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Washington Post

A quarter of the world's pig population has died

The African swine fever epidemic is killing millions of animals in Asia and has already affected a quarter of the world's pig population. The virus is harmless to humans but kills almost all the pigs it infects and there is no vaccine. China has more than 400 million pigs and could lose half of them due to this disease, which has resulted in pork prices rising to record levels, prompting authorities to put national strategic reserves up for sale. 

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Venture Beat

Blockchain to improve the traceability of coffee

Thanks to a new app developed by IBM in collaboration with the major coffee producers, consumers will be able to trace coffee beans along the entire supply chain. The app will also allow them to know more about the chosen product and even to support the farmer growing the coffee. The project was presented at CES 2020, the technology fair held every year in Las Vegas. 

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20 stories of energy transformation

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has published 20 virtuous case histories in the field of energy transformation that occurred in 2019, inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Protocol on climate change. 

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Social safety nets supporting women

A study published by the International Food Policy Research Institute reviews the evidence supporting the development of social safety nets or SSNs with a strong female component. The creation of SSNs is a global strategy to fight poverty. Enhancing the role of women within them improves the well-being of women themselves, reducing the risk of mistreatment and poverty. The effects on food quality and food safety, on the other hand, seem limited, but only because there is still a lack of specific studies in this sector. 

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