Al Jazeera

Locust emergency in East Africa

Huge swarms of locusts are spreading across parts of East Africa, posing a threat to food security in the world's most vulnerable countries. The insects fly by the millions, devouring crops and destroying grazing areas, and pose a danger to food production and local economies. 

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We are using too many raw materials

For the first time, the annual consumption of natural resources has risen to 100 billion tons. This was stated by a recent report by the Amsterdam Circle Economy, which stresses that the percentage of raw materials that is reused globally has decreased to just 8.6 percent per year. A negative figure compared to the 9.1 percent of materials reused two years earlier, when annual consumption was lower, at 93 billion tons. 

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Science Times

The effects of fires on water and the air

Fires have a lasting impact not only on the affected biomes but also on health, air and water quality. Smoke, consisting of gas and water vapor, is released into the air and the particles are breathed in. The soil, having lost its plant cover, tends to hinder the absorption of water. The flames also destroy food sources and shelter for animals, posing a threat to their survival.  

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New York Times

USA, rollback on nutritional guidelines for school canteens

The Trump administration is attempting to dismantle the nutritional guidelines for schools promoted by Michelle Obama by proposing new rules. This would involved increasing portions of pizza and fries, giving up fruit and vegetables. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said these changes are needed to give more flexibility to schools and reduce waste. 

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One in four new food products in the UK is vegan

Over the past two years, the number of Britons who have eaten food containing meat substitutes has increased from 50 percent in 2017 to 65 percent, according to Mintel analysts. It found that sales of meat-free foods have grown by 40% to £816 million. Despite the increasing popularity of these products, the survey found that 88 percent of Britons do not intend to become fully vegetarian and will still eat red meat or poultry. 

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The Local

Italy has the highest cancer survival rates in Europe

According to a recent European report on Italian health care, the number of people who survive certain types of cancer after treatment in Italy is greater than in any other European country. Survival rates are calculated for different types of cancer five years after diagnosis. It is the combined effect of the genetic characteristics of the population and the existence of a public health system that covers even the most expensive treatments.  

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