PRESS REVIEW - APRIL 25/30, 2020

Al Jazeera

Russian wheat exports sharply reduced

For the first time in the last few decades, Russia, the world's leading wheat exporter, has decided to halt exports at least until July, that is until the next harvest. Meanwhile, countries such as Egypt and Turkey are trying to increase orders to secure their cereal supply. 

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The Telegraph

Too many frites in Belgium

Producers of the typical Belgian fries are asking their compatriots to increase their consumption to at least twice a week to prevent stocks being thrown away. Over 750,000 tons of fries have in fact built up due to the closure of borders, bars and restaurants. 

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California restaurants can sell food as long as it’s healthy

After closing on March 19, California will allow restaurants to offer customers full meals for both lunch and dinner. Local authorities will choose which restaurants will be allowed back in business and these will have to comply with a number of nutritional guidelines. Meals cannot contain too much sodium and lunch and dinner must consist of at least one portion of fresh fruit or vegetables. 

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The Independent

Biodiversity. A quarter of all insects lost in 30 years

This is revealed by a recent study on insect populations carried out globally. It provides further confirmation of the significant reduction in biodiversity taking place on the planet. Among insects, it amounts to around 24 percent in about 30 years. An extinction rate that could grow to 50 percent in 75 years. 

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Washington Post

An unprecedented food crisis is taking place in Washington DC

Since the coronavirus arrived in the capital, causing schools, shops and many businesses to close, thousands of people have been out of work. This has tripled requests for help from food banks. Before the coronavirus crisis, around 400,000 residents were unable to afford enough food. The number is now expected to be 20 percent higher. 

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Over 135 million people suffer from hunger around the world

The Global Report on Food Crises estimates that 135 million people in 55 countries experienced acute hunger in 2019. This is the highest level recorded since the report was first published in 2017. In 2018, the figure was 118 million in 53 countries. The increase in 2019 is all the more worrying given the Covid-19 pandemic.  

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