Climate changes and famine: issues at the heart of international awareness.

January 01, 2017

From January to March 2017, we found more than 20,000 mentions about food, nutrition and sustainability published on news websites belonging to four areas of analysis: media; legislation; international agencies & NGOs; and research. The impressive total confirms the importance of food as a topic of interest in the media and at various institutions.

The cloud created from the study offers an immediate understanding of where attention is focused, with 3 topic “clusters” emerging in the first quarter of 2017: climate change, starting with global warming; the arrival of the Trump administration in the United States; and the risk of famine affecting tens of thousands of people, especially in eastern Africa.

The  rst two topics are connected. As participants predicted in mid-January during the 46th edition of the Word Economic Forum in Davos, the new President of the United States of America sharply broke from the environmental policies established by his predecessor, Barack Obama. The new U.S. President’s stance was the catalyst for a “revamping” of the debate surrounding global warming, which also brought more attention to the first legal actions taken by the new American administration. 

Food Sustainability Report - Release n° 1/2017 - January/March