Enabling Food Systems Transformation towards SDGs


Enabling Food Systems Transformation towards the SDGs

World population keeps growing; obesity is rising to the highest level, while food insecurity is forcing people to migrate. Food is wasted instead of feeding the hungry.

We have to tackle such challenges now. It is the only way to ensure a future for humankind, for our Planet, for each of us.

Together we will pave the way for answering concretely the most critical questions for the future of food sustainability.

Food and nutrition are defining features of the 21st century and can contribute to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

International Forum on Food and Nutrition
International Forum on Food and Nutrition

For this to happen, we need a better understanding of how food systems and nutrition patterns will impact and/or contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the roles of international organizations, governments, research and academia, civil society and private sector in this process.

The 9th edition of the BCFN International Forum on and Nutrition will be held on November 27-28, 2018. It will provide a unique opportunity to advance food, nutrition and sustainability in this Agenda, and better explore the relationship between food systems, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, development and migration.

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BCFN and The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) will present the third edition of the Food Sustainability Index, the tool that helps identify the countries in which food is "really good", beyond taste. The 34 countries ranked in 2017 (representing 85% of the global GDP and 2/3 of the world's population), are joined by 33 new entries, a total of 67 countries. The study will include the remaining countries of the EU-28 group and 14 new African countries, however, the work method has been updated in light of new economic indicators and the SDGs Index.


Over 50% of the world's population lives in cities and the figure will reach 80% by 2050. As the population grows, so does the demand for food. A scenario that the current food systems will not be able to cope with. BCFN and MUFPP (Milan Urban Food Policy Pact) present the study “Cibo e Città” (Food and Cities), an analysis of the role that cities play in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. The study, conducted in collaboration with international experts and authorities from the different cities, will look at 7 cities: New York, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Seoul and Sidney, and will also focus on the European Union. It will take a picture of the situation and challenges that urban food systems will have to face (with an eye on the possible solutions to adopt to obtain effective results), including recommendations for the other cities.


Adopting a healthy and sustainable diet could save the equivalent of 2900 Gt of CO2 emissions per person per day, or the equivalent of 535 Mt of CO2 emissions and 200 billion of m3 of water per year, considering Europe's entire population. The SU-Eatable Life project, a three-year initiative financed by the European Commission, was created for this purpose: reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption related to food consumption in Europe, by addressing the issue in company and university canteens. BCFN will lead the European project, working with Greenapes, Wageninen University and Sustainable Restaurant Association. SU-Eatable Life's objective is to demonstrate, through experiments carried out at universities and company canteens, that by implementing an easy and ready-to-use information system, it is possible to get EU citizens involved in correcting their diet, with benefits for our environment and personal health.


Alessandro Galimberti
President, Ordine dei giornalisti della Lombardia (Journalist Guild Lombardy)
Anna Ruggerini
Operations Director and Member of the Board at BCFN Foundation, Italy
Anna Scavuzzo
Vice Mayor of Milan, in charge of Food Policy
Antonio Zappulla
Chief Operating Officer TRF Foundation
Cesare Manetti
President of Agrobiotechnology and Food Science & Technology Courses at Sapienza University of Rome
Danielle Nierenberg
BCFN Advisor, Founder and President Food Tank
Doaa Abdel-Motaal
Advisor, Guarini Institute for Public Affairs; Former Executive Director of the Rockefeller Foundation Economic Council on Planetary Health
Farhana Haque Rahman
Director General Inter Press Service
Federico Pizzarotti
Mayor of Parma
Felix Finkbeiner
Founder Plant-for-the-Planet Initiative
Florence Egal
Food security and nutrition expert, sustainable diets and local food systems
Francesca Scazzina
Professor, Department of Food and Drug, University of Parma, Member of the Giocampus Scientific Commitee
Francesco Loreto
Director of the Department of Biology, Agriculture and Food Science (CNR-DiSBA)
Franco Sassi
Professor of International Health Policy and Economics, Imperial College London
Frithjof Finkbeiner
Founder Plant-for-the-Planet Initiative
Gabriele Riccardi
BCFN Advisor, Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, University of Naples “Federico II”; President, Italian Society of Diabetology - SID; Member
George Steinmetz
Photographer, Recipient, Food Sustainability Media Award 2017
Gerry Salole
BCFN Advisor, Chief Executive of the European Foundation Centre
Gregory Eve
CEO GreenApes
Guido Barilla
Chairman BCFN Foundation
Hagit Ulanovsky
Co-founder and Chair of Israeli Forum on Sustainable Nutrition
Hamdi Ulukaya*
Founder and CEO of Chobani
Ines Lazzarini
CEO Civicamente
Jeffrey Sachs
University Professor, Columbia University; Director, SDSN; Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on the SDGs
Joana Abou Rizk
BCFN YES! Winner 2017, University of Hohenheim, Germany - Lebanon
Juliane Caillouette-Noble
Head of Development at Sustainable Restaurant Association
Laura Garzoli
BCFN YES! Winner 2017, National Research Council (CNR-IRSA), Verbania, Italy
Leo Abruzzese
Senior Global Director of Public Policy, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
Luca Virginio
Vice Chairman BCFN Foundation
Marc Buckley
Sustainable futurist and Innovator
Marc Zornes
Founder of Winnow
Mario Calabresi
Editor-in-Chief, La Repubblica interviews
Martina Fleckenstein
Policy Manager, Food, WWF International
Million Belay
Founder of Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) and Researcher, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Mitchell Davis*
Chief Strategy Officer, James Beard Foundation
Monique Villa
CEO Thomson Reuters Foundation
Nalisha Adams
IPS Editorial Coordinator, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean 
Paolo Barilla
Vice-Chairman, BCFN Foundation
Pietro Laureano
IPOGEA, research center on local and traditional knowledge, Architect and Unesco Expert
Rajeev Patel
Research Professor, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin, Writer and Activist
Riccardo Valentini
Su-eatable life coordinator; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - IPCC, Nobel Prize for Peace 2007; Member of the Advisory Board, BCFN Foundation, Italy
Rita Kimani
UN Young Leader for the SDGs and CEO of Farmdrive
Simona Montesarchio*
Italian Ministery of Education, University and Research
Sonia Massari
Scientific Consultant, BCFN Foundation, Director at Gustolab International Food Systems and Sustainability
Stella Paul
Independent correspondent Inter Press Service, Winner of IWMF Courage in Journalism
Suzanne Kapelari
Centre for Teacher Education University of Wien
Theresa Jeremias
BCFN YES! Winner 2017, University of Hohenheim, Germany - Lebanon
Tom Barbitta
Chief Marketing Officer, Rise Against Hunger
Uwe Neumann
Osnabrück University


Alex Thomson
Anchor and Chief Correspondent Channel 4 News, UK
International Forum on Food and Nutrition

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