Learning sustainability: Gunter's fables.

Learning sustainability: Gunter Pauli's fables

Educational activities at the BCFN's 8th International Forum on Food & Nutrition

For the 8th edition of the BCFN's International Forum on Food & Nutrition, the educational division of Pirelli HangarBicocca has developed a series of educational activities based on five fables by Gunter Pauli, the Belgian economist working hard to develop an economic model that meets the needs of everyone on the planet.

Pauli started to write fables to easily reach children, the citizens of tomorrow who through proper education and responsible behaviour will have a crucial role to play in the protection of Earth's resources.

The activities at HangarBicocca have been designed for kids in stage 2 of primary school (8-10 years) and are divided into three phases: reading, in-depth learning, and laboratory experiments.

The principles of sustainability and awareness about what we consume will be explained to students in a thorough, scientific manner, combining theory with hands-on activities that are extremely effective in helping kids understand and remember complex concepts.

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