#ACTIONFORCHANGE Trasformiamo insieme queste parole in azioni.



#ActionForChange is an opportunity for launching a global call to action for a more sustainable world, spreading knowledge on the Sustainable Development Goals, raising awareness, advocating and engaging a variety of stakeholders for their implementation by 2030.

Science, policy-makers, private sector, media, civil society and individuals all have an important role to play in mobilizing active and responsible action, engagement and participation in shaping the future of the global food system.

Based on their experience, highly reputed experts and opinion leaders shared with us their #actionforchange towards sustainability in the food system.

We hope their contributions will inspire your own #actionforchange.


"The food sector must join forces to contribute to tackling planetary and social challenges by promoting healthy and sustainable diets: eat better, eat less, food for all."
Guido Barilla, Chairman, Barilla Foundation.

Donatella Bianchi #ACTIONFORCHANGE

“We are nature, we eat and breathe nature and the future of the planet depends on us. Make the difference! Now or never”.
Donatella Bianchi, President, WWF Italy.


Sustainability is our only future
Ilaria Capua, Professor and Director, One Health Center of Excellence, University of Florida


"Women are key to reaching #ZeroHunger by 2030 & ending all forms of malnutrition. Empowering women & children to consume healthy diets will have a knock-on effect that will improve the nutrition of entire communities."
Lauren Landis, Director of Nutrition, United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).


"By planting 1,000 billion trees we can reverse the global warming. We have the space, the skills and the need: not doing it would be criminal"
Stefano Mancuso, Professor, Agricultural Science and Technology, University of Florence.


"Most needed for SDG? Stronger government coordination, binding and enforceable agreements. Most dangerous? Nationalism and unilateralism."
Mario Monti, Senator for Life of the Italian Republic; President, Bocconi University.


"There needs to be a global, fundamental shift in the understanding of what is “good food”. A shift to something that is healthy for humans, good for farmers and the planet."
Paul Newnham, Director, SDG2 Advocacy Hub.

Danielle Nieremberg #ACTIONFORCHANGE

“For a sustainable world, gender equality is key; invest in women farmers and ensure their access to appropriate technologies, education, and other resources to nourish people and the planet. Supporting women farmers contributes to global gender equality, hunger reduction, and climate action. Stand with our farming sisters, mothers, and daughters now!”
Danielle Nieremberg, President and Founder of Food Tank and member of the Barilla Foundation Advisory board


The opposite of hunger isn’t food, it's power. Want to end hunger? Organize for food sovereignty!“
Raj Patel, Research Professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas, Writer and Activist.


Climate change is real. Good, clean and fair food is the key to acting against it. Eatresponsibly, support local producers, vote with your fork!”
Carlo Petrini, Founder and President, Slow Food international.


Healthy food systems have rural roots
Paul Winters, Associate Vice - President of the Strategy and Knowledge Department, IFAD.

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