The role of cities for achieving the sustainable development goals

Food & Cities

Cities are crucial to transform food systems and to achieve the SDGs by the year 2030. Challenges and opportunities in urban and peri-urban systems urge multiple actors to put forward transformative approaches.

In 2014, the Municipality of Milan and Fondazione Cariplo began to develop the Milan Food Policy, an innovative, urban policy, aimed at increasing the sustainability of the Milan food system.

Nowadays, the Food Policy is managed by an integrated governance framework that consists of: the political commitment of the Deputy Mayor of Milan, a steering committee for strategic communications between the City of Milan and Cariplo Foundation, interdepartmental meetings and a technical Food Policy Office, responsible for its implementation. This integrated, shared responsibility facilitates the achievement of the goals to implement the Food Policy in different sectors.

This volume is the joint effort of 71 co-authors, including scholars, food policy officers, representatives of international organisations and civil society organisations. These players contribute to the development of urban food systems in different parts of the world by implementing actions and facilitating the dialogue and transfer of knowledge between cities. All these efforts are pivotal in promoting the transformation of urban food systems and in making Cities "hubs" of sustainable development. By taking a holistic and inclusive approach, this publication aims to spread solutions and spur interest and commitment to action in other cities too: Milan, New York, Ouagadougou, Rio de Janeiro, Seul, Sidney, Tel Aviv.

Food and migrations

The publication outlines a set of recommendations for policy makers, international organisations, business and civil society organisations, developed to identify key performance indicators to scale up and replicate the initiatives and to encourage dialogue among different stakeholders. The BCFN and MUFPP wish to thank all those experts who kindly agreed to participate in a survey for this report.

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