Fixing the Business of Food - A Critical Cross-Sector Dialogue to Re-Strategize Food Businesses

Fixing the business of food

Fixing the business of food

Private Sector Alignment with the SDGs and Accountability to Achieve Food Systems Transformation

The global food system must be fundamentally transformed to operate within planetary boundaries and to enable human wellbeing. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recognize the vital role of companies in achieving the goals, including mitigating the sector’s harmful impacts on human and planetary health and supporting broader SDGs achievement.

Current sustainability frameworks, standards, reporting, and certifications do not sufficiently support or measure SDGs alignment of the food sector; indeed, even as corporate sustainability efforts increase, corporate alignment with the SDGs continues to face fundamental challenges.

Fixing the business of food

On September 16, the online event "Fixing the Business of Food - Private Sector Alignment with the SDGs and Accountability to Achieve Food Systems Transformation" took stock of a range of initiatives to support the alignment of food companies with the SDGs, and to promote the rigorous discussion, assessment, reporting, and action that are needed to support the necessary transformations.

With this in mind, we have invited all food companies that are ready to play their part in contributing to transform the food systems within their sphere of influence to join us in this discussion.

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Fixing the business of food

Fixing the Business of Food – The Food Industry and the SDG Challenge – 2019 Workshop

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