Involving children, educating the next generation


The BCFN Foundation for children

The BCFN Foundation for new generations

The BCFN Foundation is committed to creating a new model for food and environmental sustainability, with a special focus on the role of the younger generations. This means involving young researchers, and also sparking a dialogue with children, by contributing to food education which is centred around health and the environmental impact of various types of diet.

Therefore, the BCFN Foundation helps to organise food-related educational programmes in collaboration with other associations and experts.

MOOC on Sustainable Food Systems

SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network), a BCFN partner, is proud to present the free online course, “Sustainable Food Systems: a Mediterranean Perspective”. The initiative answers a fundamental issue identified by the United Nations and shared by BCFN: to confront the urgent challenges related to sustainability through developing skills across the board, including areas such as economics, technology and the social realm.

While mainly aimed at students and professionals, it is open to anyone wishing to develop their understanding of the themes related to sustainable development.

Learn to live in the era of sustainable development
Fondazione BCFN per i bambini

Learning sustainability: Gunter’s Fables

Sustainability and healthy food systems start with new generations. They need and deserve a proper food education starting from the very early age. The “Gunter’s Fables” are a very powerful tool to inspire children to learn and develop an appreciation of the environment and enrich their relationship to their Planet.  

Let’s save the planet

“Let’s Save the Planet” is a project developed by the BCFN Foundation in collaboration with the Foundation for Financial Education and Savings (FEDUF).

It is an educational programme designed for schools of every level, launched during Expo Milano 2015. The programme is structured around 4 classroom-based modules: becoming a sustainable citizen: how and why?; people, food and the planet; companies and sustainability; sustainability in finance.

Any class can sign up to the programme for free, in order to delve further into the topics addressed in each module, through educational content and practical activity ideas.

Let’s save the planet
sCOOL Food

sCOOL Food

sCOOL Food is the fruit of a collaboration between the MPS Foundation and the BCFN Foundation, launched during the presentation of the Milan Protocol at Expo Milano 2015.

It is an educational course which addresses various issues related to food and environmental sustainability: food, nutrition, agriculture, energy, lifestyles and reducing food waste. A genuine educational course aimed at informing consumers, delivered through events, meetings and presentations involving researchers, teachers and entertainers committed to raising awareness of sustainable development among children.

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