Providing for a Sustainable Future

Providing for a Sustainable Future

Parma 2020: alimentiamo un futuro sostenibile

In preparation for Parma 2020 - Italy’s Capital of Culture, the Barilla Foundation presents “Providing for a Sustainable Future” an interactive initiative dedicated to teachers and students, part of the wider educational program “We, Food and our Planet”.

To talk about education means to cultivate new knowledge. This is why the Barilla Foundation is committed to spreading information about sustainability and the urgency to end the paradoxes in our global food system. This is the essential first step towards achieving radical change and sustainable food systems.

Education is the solution. The Planet is on the brink of collapse, because we are consuming more resources that the Earth can regenerate. There is no time to waste and the only way is to increase awareness about this emergency.

An experiential exhibition

The experiential exhibition “We, Food and our Planet: Providing for a Sustainable Future” is organized to promote active citizenship and increase awareness about the importance of sustainable development which can be achieved by changing the way we farm, produce and consume food.

The objective of this initiative is to promote knowledge and good practices in relation to food and the environment, for the future of the Planet and the good health of its inhabitants, by achieving the Sustainable Development Goals at the base of the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

For this reason, the digital and multidisciplinary initiative will offer interactive and immersive exhibits, scientific conferences and especially programs and workshops dedicated to students of all ages, the protagonists of this change.

"We, food, our Planet: Providing for a Sustainable Future" will take place between January and April 2020, at Galleria San Ludovico, in Parma.

Registration opens in October 2019.

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