Feeding a sustainable future


WE, FOOD, OUR PLANET: Feeding a sustainable future

On the occasion of the celebrations of Parma - Italian Capital of Culture, the Barilla Foundation has presented "We, food and or Planet: Feeding a sustainable future", an interactive initiative that further enriches the Foundation's educational program.

Talking about culture in fact means cultivating new knowledge. For this reason, the Barilla Foundation is committed to improving understanding of the concept of sustainability and the urgency with which we need to deal with the global paradoxes of food. This is the only possible way to transform our food system in a sustainable way.

The solution lies in culture. The planet's balance is in the red because we are consuming more resources than the Earth is able to regenerate. There isn't a minute to lose and the only way forward is to increase awareness of this emergency and make an active contribution.

An experiential exhibition

The experiential exhibition entitled "We, food and our Planet: feeding a sustainable future" has been organized to promote a sense of active citizenship and a growing awareness of the importance of achieving a sustainable development by changing the way we grow, produce and eat food.

The initiative was born to promote knowledge and good practices relating to food, people and the environment, for the future of the Planet and the health of its inhabitants, by achieving the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations as the cornerstones of its 2030 Agenda.

For this reason, the digital and multidisciplinary initiative provides interactive and immersive areas, themed conferences of great scientific value and above all learning paths and workshops dedicated to students of all ages, who are the protagonists of this change.

In the evocative setting of Portici del Grano, a photographic exhibition continues with stunning images from National Geographic illustrating the thousand-year relationship between people, food and our planet, encompassing nutrition and culture, all five continents and time itself, because all people, through their traditions and their land, the way they grow, produce and eat food, tell us about their roots and their history.

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