Key compentences for building sustainability knowledge through food


Teaching sustainability through food

A new way of teaching food education

The theme of healthy, equitable and sustainable nutrition is a key element in educating for global citizenship. In fact, food can be used to describe the way we manage the resources of our Planet, the criticalities related to the food system and their effects on the environment. Furthermore, the way we eat is useful to talk about cultural diversity and cultural identity and stimulate sharing and participation in local communities. It is therefore necessary to invest in new generations and key figures for training, i.e., teachers and educators.

However, today, there is no common approach that efficiently combine contents and skills to teach sustainability through food and food systems. Hence, the SkillED project was born with the aim of bridging this gap.


SkillED is a 3-year (2020 - 2023) international Erasmus + project. It aims at building a set of certified competences for teaching food and environmental sustainability. The project will guarantee in time a constant quality standard to the teaching of the topic of sustainability through food, and its interconnections with our health and the one of the Planet.

The project, which the Barilla Foundation is the leader of, involves 35 high school teachers and more than 250 students, from Italy, Greece, Lithuania and Spain, and, based on ECVET methodology, will help to create a new set of skills to teach sustainability through food and food related themes.

SkillED. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching sustainability through food.

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