The Food Sustainability Index as an educational tool

The Food Sustainability Index as an educational tool

This is is an educational module targeted at higher education that provides a comprehensive understanding of food sustainability issues.

Based on the data and the analysis from the Food Sustainability Index, the FSI Edu module offers both theoretical background and experiential learning to bring the acquired knowledge into practice.

The module can be implemented by accessing the complete toolkit, which includes:

  • A slide deck including an overview of the theoretical background of food sustainability and of the Food Sustainability Index, as well as comprehensive instructions for the proposed practical workshops
  • An excel workbook, containing all the data related to the last edition of the Food Sustainability Index
  • A questionnaire to test your students' knowledge on food sustainability issues before and after the FSI Edu module
  • A video to guide you through the different parts of this module


The toolkit also offers suggestions for reading materials and assignments that lecturers can decide to implement in their courses.

The expected learning outcomes for the students who complete the FSI Edu are the following:

  • understanding the global challenges related to food sustainability and the fundamental role of food in achieving the SDGs
  • understanding the three pillars of food sustainability and the complexity of the global food system through the use of FSI
  • understanding the need for a multi-stakeholder dialogue in order for food sustainability challenges to be tackled

The FSI Edu module is recommended for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The faculties to be targeted include, but are not limited to, those of Agricultural Economics, Food Studies, Environmental Engineering, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Nutritional Sciences and Geography.

The toolkit will be available for download at the beginning of 2020.

The toolkit
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