A path to the Forum, encouraging the participation of young people.

BCFN Empowering Youth

23 May 2017

The importance and relevance of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC), currently up for review, is becoming increasingly apparent day after day. To learn more, the BCFN has organised a webinar on the topic: "AGRICULTURE IN OUR FUTURE: THE VOICE OF YOUTH". Accounting for some 40% of the total EU budget, the CAP concerns each and every one of us, young people in particular. Which is precisely why they must be involved in this conversation and provide their valuable contribution in reshaping the future of food production and consumption.

If you're a young changemaker, student or researcher interested in learning more about the topic, watch the webinar video and check out the infographic which presents the main issues at the core of the CAP.


Riccardo Valentini - Professor of Forest Ecology and Climate Policy, Università della Tuscia – Italy, IPCC Member and Nobel Prize for Peace 2007, BCFN Advisory Board Member
Nick Jacobs - IPES - Food Coordinator
Michele Pedrotti - PhD student at Fondazione Edmund Mach and Wageningen University - The Netherlands, BCFN Researcher
Francesca Allievi - PhD candidate at the University of Turku - Finland, BCFN Researcher


Carlo Alberto Pratesi - Professor of Sustainability, Università degli Studi Roma Tre - Italy

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