Practical solutions for the food paradoxes.

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Tiziano Gomiero

Tiziano Gomiero

In the last twenty years, I have been working as a contracted researcher on issues concerned with farming and food system analysis, organic agriculture, biofuels, biodiversity and environment conservation. Within those activities I carried out research and consulting activities in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Such experiences enriched me greatly and made me aware of the complex nature of real life problems and of the difficulty to properly address the issues at stake. As well as of the importance of interacting and exchanging ideas and knowledge with different people having different expertises and backgrounds.

My research interests can be broadly be divided in two main fields. One concerned with theoretical and epistemological issues (the development of procedures, models and tools for a sound and effective integrated analysis), the other concerned with practical applications and field work. The previous constituting the framework within which the latter is carried out.

Actual research work has been the : development of models for integrate analysis of farming and food systems, integrated analysis of extensive and intensive aquaculture practices in China and Italy, forest land allocation and farming system analysis in some highland areas of Vietnam, analysis of potential effects of the Common Agricultural Policy in the Venetian basin, biodiversity monitoring in organic and conventional farming systems in Italy, multi-criteria assessment in the performance of organic agriculture, multi-criteria comparison of short vs. long food chain in Spain, the role of large scale GM crop production in farming and food systems, the impact of large scale biofuel production on the environment and the society. On these topics I published about fifty documents within papers in international and national journals, book chapters and technical reports. I was also involved in academic activity at Padova University (Italy) from 2005 to 2011.
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